Our previous circular letter: REF: CL.TPT.010.5/JP/mh dated 02-06-2022 refers.

Dear Colleagues, UNTU, the majority union in Transnet Port Terminals is pleased to announce that the Task Team for the Transnet Port Terminals Shift Pattern have finally signed the Shift Pattern Agreement ,“Annexure A” as  mandated by  the affected UNTU members. As you are aware these negotiations started last year already and was delayed by the hard questions that was raised by the Union Leadership to Management.

Some very heated debates took place around the matter over the last couple of months, but at the end of the day members will benefit from entering into this agreement.

The mandating process was an integral part of these negotiations and without the membership mandates, this agreement would not have been possible or entered into. We thank the members for their patience and understanding throughout the process and for availing themselves to provide the Union with these mandates, these mandates made it clear what our members wants and thus made it simple for the Task Team to relay the mandate as it was given by the members to management

Although the signing of this agreement took some time, we had to be very sure that all the negotiated items as mandated by the membership were in the agreement  with the correct wording and explanations before signing the agreement.

In closing, UNTU leadership specifically thanks  the following UNTU Full Time Union Representatives whom without, this agreement would never have been possible. Sakhile Nyawose, Jane Joseph, Careston Damons, Chantel Coetzee, Ply Wevers and the Vice-President Trevor Wasserfall, we thank you for your commitment, sacrifices and effort that you have put in from your side to ensure that the agreement is seen to finality and signature


UNTU greetings,

JPG Pereira

  1. b. o C van Vuuren


TPT.010.6 A Signed Shift Pattern Agr,

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