The United National Transport Union (UNTU) is proud to announce that the most progressive union in the transport industry once again represents 54% of employees working for Transnet.

At the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa (Prasa) the Union retained our membership of 49%.

UNTU is also continuing to grow our membership amongst the employees of the Railway Safety Regulator (RSR).

Hendrik Fourie, President of UNTU, says this comes at an exceedingly difficult time in our industry which has been severely impacted by the deadly Covid-19 pandemic.

“UNTU did escape the devastating impact of COVID-19 in the workplace. The Union had to close its offices to adhere to Governments COVID-19 protocols while the Executive Council, Secretariat, full-time trade union representatives, and staff continued to serve our members from home to the best of our ability.”

UNTU has always endured fierce attacks of rival Unions who tries to derail its members with blatant lies.

The statistics show that UNTU’s moto to always be honest with its members, irrespective of whether they like the news, but to lead with integrity, is key.

“On behalf of UNTU, I want to extend the Union’s sincerest appreciation to each of our shareholders, our members, who have supported us, believed, and remained loyal to us and helped us to grow our beloved Union from pillar to post,” says Fourie.

The Union is delighted to announce that our UNTU facial masks have been delivered to the various depots and offices nationwide.

“By now, most of our members have received their masks. In the areas where they are still waiting, the masks have been delivered to our trade union representatives to ensure that it is distributed to each member.”

To ensure that no member is left without his or her facial masks, members of the trade union representative who represents them, are required to sign that they have received their masks.

UNTU’s membership office has been working round the clock to address problems of members that have transferred and whose names are not appearing on the list where they find themselves currently but appear on another list.

“We are still in the process of attending to the inquiries from these members and hope to have all of them resolved soon,” says Fourie.

Issued on behalf of UNTU by Sonja Carstens, Deputy-General Secretary: Media, Liaison, and Communication.




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