Today the Joint Task Team, established in terms of the Labour Court ruling to decide on the Forced Leave applications, met for a second time to consider the flood of appeals received, after hundreds of affected members of the United National Transport Union (UNTU) were paid out last month.
Due to the availability of one of the Transnet managers responsible for the payments, the joint task team could only consider a few of the appeals and a new date had to be scheduled.

The Joint Task Team will meet again on 20 June 2018 at the Transnet Bargaining Council.

Steve Harris, General Secretary of UNTU, says the Union has received several appeals of members who did not for whatever reason adhere to the cut-off date for submissions to the Joint Task Team of 17 April 2017.

There are also appeals of new UNTU members who joined the Union after the cut-off date of 17 April 2017 and therefore did not have the opportunity to make any submission.

“Unfortunately for all these members, the judgement of Judge Connie Prinsloo of the Labour Court is very clear. She ruled that affected employees who did not make submissions to the Joint Task Team before or by the cut-off date, “will forfeit the right to do so.”

All the applicants, irrespective if their appeals are successful or not, will only receive communication from Transnet after the appeal process has been audited.

UNTU will keep our members updated on the progress of the review of the appeals.
Issued on behalf of UNTU by Sonja Carstens, Media and Liaison Officer. For UNTU Press Statements phone 082 463 6806 or e-mail

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